Enable wavelength-services over Ethernet transport

Carriers can now lower the production cost of their wavelength services down to the level of an Ethernet service. Virtual wavelengths perform as physical wavelengths, but do not occupy a physical wavelength resource or time-slot in the network. Enable virtual wavelengths and higher capacity utilization of your installed fibre systems with the TransPacket Ethernet transport based Fusion H1. H1.

Xtera Transmission Systems

Xtera is a major provider of repeatered and unrepeatered (up to 500km) submarine and terrestrial transmission systems. The Xtera optical transport platform is ideal for building ultra-high capacity backhaul networks.


ECI Telecom provides a wide range of network infrastructure solutions to help you take advantage of new revenue opportunities, while minimizing opex and capex. The solutions include a suite of SDN applications.

Fusion Ethernet

Intelligent traffic injection with TransPacket Fusion Ethernet doubles capacity utilization in multi-service networks. Virtual Wavelengths provide dynamic and flexible optical network solutions.